Our Journey into 2024

Entering a new year means exciting new goals and ventures for us here at Fleur of England. This has given us a chance to focus on our brand values and the pillars that make us, us. We want to share our 2024 plans with you, our community, so we can showcase our journey and celebrate the milestones we cannot wait to achieve.
               SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICS               
An ever important value of ours is to be considerate to the planet. During 2024 we will:
Work more closely with Recycled fabrics and feature this throughout our luxury lingerie collections.
Reduce our carbon footprint further.
Each team member will receive a Volunteer day to work with a charity/cause they value; helping and supporting in our local community.
To contiune to work with certified businesses that can support us in our sustainable endeavors.
With over 80 combined years of fit expertise, we want to make sure our community is informed and educated on the importance
of a perfectly fitting Fleur of England Bra. 
We want to share with you not only the fit information but also the fit engineering that our production team put into the development of each Fleur of England garment; giving our community a better insight into the journey a design takes from concept to production.
The value that makes Fleur of England lingerie so luxurious, is the care, craftsmanship, artisan techniques and quality oversight that go into each garment from design, to production, to packaging. We want to show you all the storytelling behind these processes.
We will be launching a new concept collection, featuring bespoke design.
With a focus on showcasing the details that make these garments so special.
 We look forward to taking you on this exciting journey in 2024, welcoming a new era for Fleur of England while continuing to channel confidence & feminine energy. We can't wait to see you there. 
Love, The Fleur of England team x