Fleur of England Deilen Bodysuit shown on three models

Our promise to the


We’ve put as much thought into our packaging as we do our exquisite designs. Below are just a few examples of the changes we’ve made to minimise waste and maximise recyclability. Packaging which doesn’t cost the earth:


As part of our mission to constantly keep improving and being carbon neutral consious, we have recently Introduced digital invoices, saving on average 211 pieces of paper per month.

Our ‘Eco’ option for delivery now accounts for 78% of all our orders. These envelopes are fully recyclable and lightweight, meaning fewer vehicles and less fuel is needed to transport them.

We only use recycled tissue paper and biodegradable stickers. Our gift boxes are made from sustainable materials and are designed to be kept and reused. 

We only use FSC certified materials within all packaging.

Our swing tickets are made from recyclable card and our ribbon is made from recycled polyester.

All DHL packages are shipped with a GoGreen service to offset carbon emissions.

Cardboard delivery boxes and packaging used for delivery from our factory are kept and re-used where possible and recycled where not.