Celebrating European Craftsmanship

Celebrating European Craftsmanship: The Art of Lace, Embroidery, and Slow Fashion in Fleur of England’s Limited Edition Luxury Lingerie 
In the world of luxury lingerie, craftsmanship is not just a skill – It’s an art form. At Fleur of England, we are committed to using traditional European fabrics carefully sourced and designed for their traditional and crafted properties. These exquisite luxurious fabrics are lovingly curated by Fleur and her team to transcend trends and stand the test of time. As Earth Day approaches, we reflect on the importance of sustainable practices and the role of slow fashion in reducing our environmental footprint, something that is part of our DNA at Fleur of England.
The Essences of European Craftsmanship.
 Our luxury lingerie is lovingly manufactured by our friends in Portugal. We have been working with this family-owned factory for over 20 years. Our friends are some of the most experienced crafters of silk and European laces and embroideries we have ever come across.
European craftsmanship is world-renowned for quality, precision, and artistry. The techniques used in our fabrics are rich in heritage and tradition. At Fleur of England, we are obsessed with beautiful fabrics and love to design using these traditional fabrics that honor their crafters. We share their commitment to excellence, ensuring that each limited edition piece is a testament to European craftsmanship at its finest.
The Beauty of Lace: A Timeless Tradition
Lace has been crafted into lingerie for many years, it is so feminine, and supportive, yet delicate and soft, the perfect pairing for luxury lingerie. French lace is famous all over the world for being the epitome of luxury. It is woven on traditional lace-making machines, many of which are over 100 years old.
We craft our collections from an exclusive French lace made in Lyon. French lace is globally recognized as pure luxury. It Is steeped in tradition and is world-famous. Our lace features a beautiful floral design and has the perfect eyelash-scalloped edge. Fleur chose this lace for its traditional properties and its artisan production. This exclusive French lace is sourced from a family-run business that holds generations of knowledge and experience in their craft. You can see below how the lace is hand-cut for a meticulous luxury finish.
The art of Embroidery: Hand drawn by Fleur
Our beautiful Embroideries are all designed by Fleur herself and are exclusive to Fleur of England. You can see some of her sketches below. Fleur loves to draw and create something truly special and individual. This elevates our luxury Lingerie further, making our pieces walking pieces of art. Our skilled artisans in Greece and Switzerland then stitch the designs bringing the sketches to life. From delicate florals to Geometric motifs, each limited edition embroidery tells a story of passion, dedication, and skill making every Fleur of England lingerie piece a one-of-a-kind.
Slow Fashion: A mindset of sustainability
In a world of fast fashion, we embrace the principle of slow fashion- a mindset that prioritises quality over quantity, craftsmanship over mass production, and sustainability over disposability. Fleur and her team take a thoughtful approach to design and production, we minimize waste, reduce our environmental impact, and create lingerie pieces built to last. From sourcing more and more sustainable materials to partnering with ethical manufacturers every decision we make is guided to our commitment to a more sustainable future, ensuring that each limited edition collection is not only beautiful but also eco-conscious.
Celebrating Earth Day: Honoring our planet
As Earth Day approaches we reaffirm our values as a brand to sustainability and our environment. We choose slow fashion and supporting European craftsmanship, we contribute to a more conscious and sustainable fashion industry. As a brand we are particularly proud of our first eco-conscious collection Deilen, it was made 33 miles from our office in Wales. Deilen is Welsh for the word leaf. The collection is beautifully crafted from lace which features a leaf design and is a homage to Mother Nature. The lace is European and has biodegradable properties. The elastics are made from a Fulga yarn which is made from 60% recycled nylon obtained from regenerated materials.
In a world that often prioritizes speed and convivence, we choose to slow down and savour the beauty of European craftsmanship. From intricate exclusive laces to handcrafted embroideries every detail in Fleur of England’s luxury lingerie is a testament to tradition and artistry with a great big kiss of modern femininity. Traditional fabrics are reimagined into modern but feminine designs. As we celebrate Earth Day let us reflect on the importance of slow fashion and the role we play in creating a more sustainable future, whilst embracing the uniqueness of each Limited edition collection from Fleur of England.
Lets honor the beauty of tradition and craftsmanship in 2024 and the art of slow fashion and embrace the crafters of beautiful things.