Why does my bra not fit properly?

At Fleur of England, we are driven by a passion for creating beautiful lingerie that fits you exquisitely. With over 20 years of experience within the industry, we have come across almost every bra fitting problem there is. Here are 5 of the most common fit mistakes and what you can do to solve them. 

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Problem 1: My bra keeps riding up at the back. 

If your bra continuously rides up at the back it could mean that the bra band is too loose for your torso. It is a common misconception that a looser band makes your bra more comfortable, but this couldn't be more wrong. Your bra band is what provides the most support to your breasts, so if your band moves around a lot it is not providing you with adequate support. 

The Fix: 

A well-fitted bra should lie flat across your back and not ride up, staying in place all day so you don't need to constantly adjust it. 

If your band rides up, you should consider moving down a band size. If the bra fits you comfortably in the cup then remember to try your sister size instead. Every time you go down a band size, go up a cup size and vice versa. 


Problem 2: I always get red marks on my body when I take my bra off.

Red marks on your rib cage or underneath your breasts are usually a sign that your cup is too small for you and the wire is digging in. Try moving up a cup size to see if this helps. 

If the red marks are on your shoulders then this means the straps are too tight. Most of the support from a bra will come from the band, so over-tightening your shoulder straps will not make your bra fit better or provide you with more support. 

The Fix: 

When determining your cup size, look for an underwire that does not dig into the sides of your chest, but rather holds your breast comfortably within the wire. 

Check your shoulder straps are neither too tight or too loose by checking you can comfortably fit two fingers underneath (stacked vertically). 


Problem 3: There are gaps between my breasts and the cup, or the centre panel digs in. 

This may be a sign that the cups are too big for you. If there are gaps or spaces between your breast and the cup, or the centre panel digs in between your breasts, then you should try moving down a cup size. 

The Fix:  

A well-fitting underwire should lay flat between your breasts and not leave any gaping spaces. You should also keep in mind that different bra styles have different types of under-wiring. If you find that the wiring on a balcony bra digs in or is uncomfortable, try a plunge style instead. The wiring for this bra is a different shape and does not sit as high between your breasts as some other underwired styles. 

 Fleur of England luxury lingerie plunge bra coral lace embroidery

Problem 4: My breasts spill out of the cups, or the centre panel won't lie flat. 

This is most likely because the cup size is too small for you, causing the centre panel to be lifted away from your chest. It could also be a sign that this particular style of bra does not suit your shape, so as well as trying different cup sizes, it's worth trying different styles as well. 

The Fix: 

Choose a larger cup size that comfortably fits your breast and supports you. Our new DD+ boudoir bra has been specially designed for larger bust sizes to offer additional support whilst still encapsulating the pretty, delicate Fleur of England aesthetic. 

Problem 5: My shoulder straps keep slipping off. 

If you continue to have problems with your shoulder strap even after adjusting, then it may be that this particular style of bra isn't the best for your body type. 

The Fix: 

Those with narrower or more sloping shoulders can opt for a narrower bra strap, such as those found in our boudoir bra styles, or look for multi-way bra straps that can be used to create a racer-back. Take your time trying out different bra styles to see which suits your body shape the best. 

Fleur of England luxury lingerie boudoir bra embroidery pink

With any bra fitting problem, it's essential to check you are wearing the correct size first. Having regular bra fittings is important as your body is constantly changing and bra size fluctuating. 

Additionally, one brand's bra sizing may differ slightly from another, so don't be surprised if different brands or styles of bra fit you slightly differently. 

If you have any questions regarding fit we are always happy to help. You can contact us here and we will do our best to assist you with all of your fit queries.