Why is Jasmine a Fleur of England Icon?

As we here at Fleur of England ramp up our anniversary celebrations, we’ve been contemplating the moments that feel most core to us from the last 20 years. From awards and first collections to new size ranges and our growing team, we have plenty to share with you. But one collection that we simply couldn’t leave out when talking about proud moments for the brand is Jasmine.


Launched in 2012, Jasmine was a Fleur of England icon in every way. Beautiful white bespoke Guipure embroidery, hand designed by Fleur herself, adorns classically feminine silhouettes, paired with barely-there Italian tulle and white silk. The collection was every part as seductive as it was elegant and paved the way for many emblematic collections to come with its bold and yet sophisticated appeal.



Most notably, Jasmine was a collection that pioneered a style of boudoir bra that was to be widely imitated but never matched in the industry with its silk covered elastic underband, sheer triangle cups, and delicate silk binding, all finished expertly with central bespoke embroidered motifs. The style was quickly seen filtering down through the industry and can still be seen in fashion today, 10 years after its design and launch. The use of bespoke guipure embroidery sets this boudoir bra apart from the recreations in quality and luxury so, while this style can be found easily, we here at Fleur of England believe that there is no replacement for the original.


As Jasmine became one of our most recognisable collections and pioneered such a moment in the industry, we at Fleur of England believe that it in many ways embodies our wider influence on the industry and represents to us the value of innovative and ever-changing design. It is this desire to always continue to evolve and develop creatively that drives our founder and creative director Fleur Christacos, and has been central to the growth of the brand for the past 20 years as well as being what we hope will push us to only improve and achieve further for the next 20 years.



As we continue to work to create an inclusive community that unites men and women in our quest for exquisite confidence and empowering women in all their diverse forms, looking back is just as important as looking forward to us here. We have built a foundation at Fleur of England of luxury design, sustainable practices, and progressive attitudes, and continue to focus on areas of improvement in our every day functions as a brand. We are proud of our roots and our past and hope to contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive future with further innovation and we invite you to embark on the next 20 years with us. We look forward to showing you all that we have in store.


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