4 Ways To Improve Your Bedtime

Sometimes it's so easy to neglect importance of downtime before bed. Taking the time to relax and finding a good bedtime routine can sometimes make the difference between a full nights sleep where you wake in the morning feeling rested and ready to start the day, and a night spent tossing and turning without getting the quality sleep your body needs. We've put together a few of our golden rules for helping you to switch off at night time and get a better nights sleep.

Run a Bath

There's nothing more relaxing than an indulgent bath. Light a few candles, choose some relaxing music and indulge in some beautifully scented bubble bath or a bath soak. Our favourite is the Kiehl's Lavender Foaming Bath which has lavender and Dead Sea salt to soothe and relax.

Change into Comfortable Nightwear

Cast off your worries from the day by changing into some comfortable nightwear. We think it's important to invest in your nightwear, so you feel just as good going to bed as you do during the day. There's nothing more relaxing the the feeling of soft silk against your skin. Slip into some Signature silk pyjamas designed to not only be comfortable, but luxurious and settle down to relax for the night.

Disconnect From Social Media 

It can be so easy to spend your evenings scrolling through social media on your phone or laptop,  but studies suggest that the white and blue light emitted from your device may disrupt your sleep, stopping the release of melatonin  which is the hormone that helps you sleep. Try and put down your devices an hour before bedtime and hopefully you'll see your sleeping habits improve.

Try a Scented Pillow Mist

One of our favourite pillow mists is Deep Sleep Pillow Spray by Thisworks. Not only does the spray smell amazing, but it helps to promote a restful nights sleep so that you wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.

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