Why Your Lingerie Should Be More Than Just Sexy Lingerie

Everyone wants to feel sexy when they buy new lingerie, it's one of the key factors when finding that perfect new set, but for us good lingerie should be so much more. “Sexy” isn’t just the way something looks, it’s about how it makes you feel; the soft caress of silk against your skin or a glimpse of delicate lace peeping out from beneath a low-cut neckline. Good lingerie has the power to make you stand taller, an extension of your own form, highlighting and supporting your shape, making you feel powerful or sensual, or romantic or playful, or a beautiful combination of all these things. 

For some it’s functional, feeling sexy comes from knowing their lingerie fits like a glove, offering support and comfort so they have the freedom to move and express themselves without worrying about slipping bra straps or tight elastics. For others, it’s all about luxury. Opulent fabrics and the way they feel against the skin, taking the time to pull on a silk stocking and the satisfying click of a suspender clip. Sexy is found in unexpected details, silk straps that embrace the body or glimpses of skin framed in cut-away peepholes.

All of these feelings and emotions are considered at every stage of the design process, it's important to us that you feel sexy in our lingerie whether it's for a special occasion or just a treat to yourself.

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