What's Your AW20 Style?

What's your lingerie style? Timeless and romantic or directional and sexy?
Take our quiz to find out!

1) Your wardrobe is mostly filled with...

A) Bold prints and unexpected  details - you prefer to set trends rather than follow them.

B) Romantic floral dresses, silk skirts and cashmere jumpers - timeless pieces with a romantic flair.

C) Classic black trousers and crisp shirts - lots of monochrome pieces that fit you perfectly.


2) Your perfect date is...

A) Something new and exciting that you haven't tried before and can experienced for the first time.

B) A romantic picnic with strawberries and champagne, or a trip to Paris 

C) A meal out followed by cocktails at the lastest speakeasy style cocktail bar.


3) Your signature scent is...

A) Spicy and mysterious

B) Delicate, sweet and floral

C) Fresh and sharp with notes of citrus


4) Your favourite season...

A) Summer - you love turning up the heat

B) Spring - There's nothing better than seeing the flowers bloom

C) Autumn - You love a crisp, clear morning 


If you answered mostly...

A - You are Unlock, directional & provocative

You're a risk-taker who sees life as an adventure and loves the unconventional things in life. With bold strap detailing in a  deep shade of plum, Unlock is the perfect choice to compliment your bold attitude.


B - You are Bisou, romantic and elegant

A true romantic with a penchant for luxury, you have a timeless style and a love of decadent fabrics. Romantic Bisou is the perfect choice for you, with delicate french lace and the softest of silk.



C - You are Adore, confident and contemporary

Always on trend, you know your own style and like to keep things modern. In classic black, Adore suits your monochrome aesthetic with the intricate embroidery and hidden messages adding those unexpected details that you love.