Sustainable Luxury Lingerie

Here at Fleur of England sustainability is weaved deeply throughout everything we do. With Earth Day approaching, we thought this was a great opportunity to highlight our sustainable endeavours when creating designer lingerie.
Fleur of England Deilen balcony bra, thong shown on three models
2022 Saw the launch of our first luxury lingerie, eco-conscious collection, Deilen. For us, this was a huge milestone. Creating something that isn’t just kind to the planet, but is also uncompromised on luxury and fit. The collection features a range of sustainable elements, such as using deadstock fabrics, certified biodegradable yarn that breaks down into organic matter & certified degradable yarn which breaks down without releasing harmful substances into the earth. The collection was also produced in Wales, UK, just 63 miles from Fleur of England HQ. This was a very important factor when designing the collection. Keeping the production close to us in the UK meant we didn’t need to ship the collection internationally, and as a result of this, we greatly reduced our carbon emissions whilst also being able to work with a local community in Wales and support local manufacturing.
Fleur of England sustainble collection black bra and brief
There are many reasons why this collection has been successful in innovation and personal business goals but the main reason is that we wanted our luxurious fingerprint to be uncompromised when creating an eco-friendly lingerie collection.