Our Design Competition Finalists

As part of our anniversary celebrations we launched a design competition in May in which we asked people from all backgrounds to reimagine our iconic Jasmine Boudoir Bra with their own unique embroidery. We were grateful to receive a great range of designs with diverse inspiration, visions, and aesthetics and were blown away by the thought and effort put into each and every entry.

While we wish we could feature every entry, we have narrowed it down to some of our favourites to feature here on the blog- including our 3 winners. We hope you love the designs as much as we do as we feel they really captured the spirit of Fleur of England, and we hope to see even more of your creativity in future.


Michelle Bufton - 1st Place

Inspired by the story of Leda and the Swan, this collection and it's inspiration showed unparalleled narrative and consideration with beautiful outcomes that truly reflected both the symbolism of the inspiration as well as the aesthetics. Michelle's designs were beautifully reminiscent of Fleur of England's style. Michelle's website can be found here, her instagram here, and her facebook here.


Megan Simmons - Runner Up

Celebrating female sexuality and unapologetic desires, Megan's designs aim to symbolise sexuality outside of hetero-normative language and imagery and focus on individual expressions of pleasure. The artistic influences and tongue-in-cheek design is progressive yet sophisticated and perfectly embodies Fleur of England's own mission of empowering women to embrace their divine femininity. Megan's Instagram account can be found here.


Megan Lay - Runner Up

Inspired by a poem extract by Kathi Mirto- An Orchid is Like a Woman, we believed that the research and symbolism incorporated into Megan's design was thought provoking and beautifully considered. The beginning to end process and design development was reminiscent of Fleur's own and the final embroidery outcome was delicate and on-brand. Megan's Instagram can be found here, her portfolio Instagram here, and her online portfolio here.


Pauline Lecoq - Finalist

Taking influence from cherries, we believed that Pauline's designs captured the aesthetics and style of Fleur of England flawlessly. Incorporating subtle written elements into the embroidery is something Fleur herself does often as it adds a layer of detail to be discovered when looking closely. The illustrated embroidery design of this entry is absolutely stunning and so commercial. Pauline's instagram account can be found here.


Georgia Haffenden - Finalist

Focusing on self growth, Georgia's designs utilised creative embroidery placement while remaining commercially viable and beautifully on-brand. The simplicity of the designs combined with the careful consideration of the embroidery placements truly embodies what Fleur of england tries to achieve in collections. Georgia's online portfolio can be found here and her instagram can be found here.


Sian Hickey - Finalist

Inspired by the tranquility of the blue heron, Sian's designs absolutely capture the timelessness and elegance of Fleur of England. The fine details and delicate placements are extremely luxurious and would make beautiful commercial lingerie pieces. Sian's Instagram can be found here.


We would once again like to thank all of the talented designers who entered, all of us at Fleur of England loved seeing your work and hope that you enjoyed this opportunity to reimagine one of our icons.