Meet Wallflower | Behind the Design

Introducing our latest luxury lingerie collection, Wallflower. Confident, with a strong and sexy attitude - this collection is designed to be seen.

When designing a new collection, Fleur will create a physical mood board. The board brings together inspirational images, colour swatches and fabric samples to create the mood for the collection.

Wallflower was inspired by juxtapositions - exploring the contrast between fabrics and colour, as well as strength and femininity. The colour palette is a vivid scarlet mixed with our barely there Italian tulle and the silhouettes are bold and provocative - anything but a Wallflower. We continue to explore the idea that strength and femininity are something that go hand in hand, not contrasting traits, through the use of architectural strap details and bold silver look hardware.

Wallflower knows what she wants, and she isn't afraid to go after it.

“How I adore designing for Spring – with its freshness and femininity, and Spring ’19 is no exception. All of the prints and embroideries featured are completely bespoke to Fleur of England and adorn invisible tulle and lustrous silk satin. Wallflower is strong and confident in ruby red, she is passionate yet elegant... anything but a wallflower. Elegant yet subtly sexy, Spring ’19 is pure modern femininity.”

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