Introducing Bordeaux | Behind The Design

Let us take you on a journey. Bordeaux, France's famous wine region with vineyards for miles, rich with history and provenance. The rich, plum tones of velvety red wines inspire this sensual, sophisticated collection.

Our best-selling dramatic embroidery adorns sheer Italian tulle, meeting the softest silks to create this sultry collection. This collection is designed to empower and inspire confidence in every woman.

Wear Bordeaux for long nights in front of a roaring fire with your favourite red wine.

All of our collections begin with a mood board, here we have our Bordeaux board, featuring dark, rich tones of plum and burgundy, this board is dark, romantic - an embodiment of the female seductress.

We have a chat to Fleur here about the inspiration behind the design and her favourite garments.


Our best-selling bespoke embroidery has been updated with a romantic hue of Burgundy for AW19. The strong and striking embroidery sits atop the softest Italian Tulle, providing a sensual stage for the embroidery to stand out on. Seductive, strong and sophisticated. Bordeaux is a collection that evokes memories of fireside glasses of wine and cosy nights under the stars.

The Collection

All our iconic shapes have their place in this collection, the Balcony bra, Strap Balcony bra, Boudoir bra and Strapless Boudoir bra have all been updated in Bordeaux. There is a Bordeaux bra for every shape! The boudoir bra features a stunning motif in the racerback which looks gorgeous peeking out of a cosy jumper or shirt. Our iconic embroidered motif harness returns, with our bespoke and most sexy embroidery in the richest tone of the bordeaux wines.


My Favourite Piece

It's so hard to pick one piece. The embroidered body is a sophisticated piece that can be worn in the boudoir for a seductive night in or as outerwear with a pair of tailored trousers. A classic and my ultimate favourite has to be the balcony (or balconette) bra. With silk encased underwiring and sheer Italian tulle, this bra is designed to make you feel supported, comfortable and confident as well as sensual and empowered through years of underwire testing and gorgeous bespoke embroidery.

Bordeaux is a great collection for those who typically only buy black lingerie and want to branch out. It's dark & rich, perfect for the modern seductress..

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