In support of Prevent Breast Cancer

As a team of women, we are advocates for all of the research & education that surrounds breast cancer, that’s why this October we are supporting a charity that is doing just that! Prevent Breast Cancer, is a Manchester-based charity that’s entirely dedicated to the predictions and prevention of breast cancer. A driving force for us as a brand is to make women feel empowered and we believe the power of educating a woman on her health is the epitome of the word.
Fleur of England team holding breast cancer tea party 
Prevent Breast Cancer is the only breast clinic in the UK that’s focused on prevention rather than cure. Their approach educates women in early diagnosis, screening, and lifestyle changes. The charity’s research spans, Gene research, early detection & screening, risk-reducing research & preventative drugs. Knowing more about these factors can be truly life-changing and like Prevent Breast Cancer, we believe every person should have access to this education.
 Fleur of England Breast cancer awareness tea party
In support of the charity, we held a tea party to open up the conversation between us women as a team. We discussed misconceptions in spotting symptoms, personal experiences with scans, and the unknown factors that can feed into Breast cancer, like diet & lifestyle. As a team that’s very close, it’s integral for us to share our stories and speak about experiences, we are a variety of ages, and we think it’s important that there is no age limit on the education you can share.
 Fleur of England Tea party
To support a cause all so close to our hearts we are donating 25% of net profits during October of every pink bra bought, that’s Sienna, Maple & Signature Blush, to Prevent Breast Cancer to support the fantastic work they are doing.
You can visit the Charity online here.