For The Woman Who Never Puts Herself First

She never has 5 minutes to herself, her priorities are everyone around her and she never tires of taking care of the ones she loves. She is so busy taking care of everyone else around her and balancing her life too she doesn’t celebrate herself enough.

It could be hard to thank her properly as nothing would ever be enough, but begin by giving her something she never seems to have: time. Begin by treating her to a bubble bath; there are a variety of scents on the market and specific ones that appeal to the senses, offerings such as muscle relaxing aromas, or sleepy lavender oils. Maybe plan to take the kids out and get them involved in picking the perfect one, or a candle that she can light as she bathes or reads to wind down for the evening.

Luxury nightwear is the gift that keeps on giving, silk that feels impossibly soft to the touch and embroidery that's been hand-crafted. She deserves to feel elegant, sophisticated, and cherished, take a look at what she normally wears to bed — a camisole and French knickers, full length pyjamas, or a babydoll. If she wears a camisole, the Cosmic Silk Camisole would look and feel perfect combined with the Cosmic Embroidered Brief.

A pair of luxurious silk pyjamas are the ultimate treat. Crafted in the softest of silk, our Signature Silk Pyjamas are available in black and ivory, allowing her to relax in the opulence of silk as she finally takes that much needed time to herself.

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For something a little sultrier to really show her how grateful you are, go for one of Fleur of England’s Silk Babydolls. Choose from the classic silhouette of the Signature Silk Babydoll or treat her to bespoke embroidery with the Midnight babydoll. Surprise her further by investing in a matching silk robe to compliment her new nightwear — the perfect cover up for a cosy Boxing Day on the sofa.

A perfect example a The Woman who never puts Herself First is Amal Clooney. A barrister specialising in international law and human rights, she has a CV that would impress just about anyone, all whilst juggling work with giving birth to and raising her fraternal twins. Despite this, she still finds time to speak at conferences all over the world, discussing human rights and calling for change. In 2016, she spoke at the Annual Texas Conference for Women, stating,

“As women, there is a bond we all share. It’s not a bond of geography or culture, but of shared experience. There are struggles that only women face. The worst thing we can do as women is not stand up for each other. [But] if we are united, if we keep up the fight for each other’s rights, there is no limit to what we can do.”

So, support the special woman in your life this Christmas and acknowledge all she does for everybody in her life by choosing the gift of luxury. 

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