Fleur of England | Bohemian Bond

With Mother's day fast approaching, we've been talking to hair and makeup artist and mother of four, Jessie May Young of Bohemian Bond. Having moved from London to the sunny beaches of Ibiza, Jessie's Instagram feed is full of beautiful images of her and her family living life to its fullest. We talk to her about the importance of balancing her work life with family time and find out what gifts she's hoping to get this mothers day.


Being a working mum of four, how do you balance your work and family time?

It’s a real juggle but I’ve been so lucky my husband has been working from home for the past three years so we have managed to work our schedules around the kids! I’m really greedy for family time together at the weekends as it can sometimes be hard getting anytime  between the kids schedules of sport matches, parties & sleepovers.

What made you decide to move to Ibiza with your family & how does it differ from London life?

My husbands work contract came to an end and for the first time in years we were able to choose where we wanted to live not where his contract was taking us to.

I wanted to travel the world but my husband wasn’t so keen so Ibiza was our compromise. It's a special place for us as we married on the Island back in 2012. It’s been the best experience to be able to take a step away from routine and learn what's really important to you.  I’ve met some of the most inspiring people. In the UK I feel there is a lot of pressure we put on ourselves that gets passed onto our kids about schooling and grades,  but I think living over here has made us think differently. The focus is more on raising happy, healthy kids without worrying too much about exams and grades.


Do you have any advice for anyone looking to make a similar move with their family?

Definitely go for it! We didn’t know anyone when we first moved over here and I think it made us closer as a family as we really relied on each other.

What gift would you love to receive this mothers day?

(Anything by Fleur of England obviously) Mother's Day is all about what the kids decide to do for you. I love seeing them get so excited about making breakfast in bed or what they chose to buy you with their pocket money!  Breakfast is usually not edible and the gift choice is random but seeing how excited they are thats the real magic on Mothers Day!

I think it's important to celebrate the little things and make special traditions and memories with the kids.