Fleur Introduces SS18

There may still be a definite chill in the air, but here at Fleur of England we're looking ahead to the new season and the anticipation of Spring. We adore the change in seasons, when new flowers start to bloom and the leaves return to the trees bringing back an array of colour after a cold grey Winter. Our new SS18 collections bring a soft, fresh mood perfect for refreshing your lingerie drawer. We talk to Fleur about her inspiration behind the new season collections and are giving you behind the scenes access to every step of the process; from design to production.


Focus on Fit

At Fleur of England we embrace the traditional tried and tested “by hand” methods in our design studio in Bristol. Fleur oversees all aspects of the company including marketing, wholesale, customer service, design and production and she has the final say on every piece that we create. Our production team works on all technical aspects of the product journey from sketch to finished product. First concept garments, patterns and grading is all undertaken in-house. Our highly skilled team have over sixty years of experience between them so you can ensure the fit of every piece will be exquisite. Unlike many other brands, we create all of our patterns by hand and amend them in house to ensure a perfect fit. Once the many patterns (in some cases up to 150 individual pattern pieces) are created, we request from our factory partners several sizes to fit on the team so that we know the fit translates across the sizes. We fit everything in-house on several different sizes from a 30D to a 36DD. Fleur has approval on every sample to ensure that the final product is exquisite for our customers. She is present at each fit meeting and tries on all the samples, ensuring that everything from the embroidery, fabric, colour, comfort and fit meets our very high expectations.



What was your main source of inspiration when designing the new season’s collections?

I love designing the Spring/Summer collections, and this season is no exception. My starting point for the SS18 collections were colour and I adore the new Spring palette. Margaux was inspired by the deep, fiery red colour that evokes passion and lends itself to a sexy, provocative look which we have created through stand-out pieces such as the strap balcony bra. Affection, on the other hand, is a beautiful soft pale pink colour that lends itself to delicate lace designs and a softer, romantic look. The SS18 collections were inspired by modern femininity and what this means. What does a modern woman want from her lingerie? Is she strong and passionate or is she a true romantic? I continue to explore modern femininity and designs that empower women and make them feel beautiful, loved and sensual. For SS18, classic styles are reworked with a sensual and modern twist. 


How do you choose a colour palette?

This is my favourite part of designing, I love colour and it can completely affect your moods and emotions. The colours I have worked on for spring all compliment each other they are uplifting and fresh perfect for Spring. SS18 introduces a lot of new lingerie styles and also reworks some of our most-loved styles . Which is your favourite piece? The affection stap balcony I love this design , the embroidery is so romantic and the colour is my favourite shade of pink, I love the contradiction of the strong sexy design. Margaux Design Board You can see a video of Fleur introducing the new collections here.



You can see a video of Fleur introducing the new collections here.