Diary of an Intern: Rhian Digital & Wholesale Intern

I recently spent three weeks at Fleur of England, on a Digital and Wholesale Internship, giving me valuable insight into a great lingerie company. My three weeks were varied and exciting, from exploring merchandising and e-commerce to marketing campaigns and wholesale. I was given a broad insight into a variety of roles within the team, giving me a great view of how the business is run. Overall, it has been a wonderful experience to understand the logistics of e-commerce and product as well as all the work that goes into launching each collection.
I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work alongside such a lovely and experienced all-female-team. Everyone was so welcoming and the office was a collaborative and supportive team environment, the team dynamic was a pleasure to be around. Throughout my time at the office, Fleur and the rest of the team took their time to get to know me, discuss my goals and experiences, and offer advice based on their own experiences within the fashion industry. They also ensured that I felt valued while I was there.
During my internship, the team was preparing for the launch of the Daisy Collection. Seeing all the hard work that goes into launching a new collection was a valuable insight, from sample fittings in the office to perfect the fit, to collaboration on developing the right social and marketing contentthe attention to detail and dedication to delivering high craftsmanship was apparent at every stage of the development of the collection. 
 Fleur of England flat lay content
During my internship, I had the opportunity to sit in on one of the team pillar meetings, it was good to sit in on an honest conversation about how the team can improve the delivery of the brand pillars.
I learned a lot seeing the team map out each pillar, evaluating what has previously worked well to communicate that value and brainstorm what they would like to do differently moving forward. It was also lovely to see the commitment to creating a great working environment for the team through initiatives such as volunteer and wellbeing days.
Overall, interning at Fleur of England has been a highly positive and enjoyable experience, as well as one that has provided me with a wide breadth of valuable skills and experience within the fashion industry. 
Fleur of England Intern Rhian