Trouble shoot Bra Fitting Mistakes

Here at Fleur of England, we pride ourselves in providing the very best of luxury lingerie. Our luxurious silk, lace and embroidered bras, mould to the female form creating the perfect fit.

For most women, finding a suitable bra can be a long and arduous task. Statistics have shown that a staggering 80% of women are unsure about their correct bra size and styles that suit their shape. We thought it was time to put these concerns to bed and shed some light on what to look out for when purchasing the perfect bra. A well-fitted bra brings many advantages: not only does it look great, but it also offers the correct support and comfort. It can improve your posture as well as relieve back pain for women who have a fuller bust.

How do you know a bra fits correctly?

Did you know that the majority of support comes from the under-band and not the straps? With this in mind, it’s important to accurately measure the width of your torso as well as your cup size before purchasing.

  • The band must sit firmly flat at the front and sides of the body, with the ability to put 2 fingers snug in the back of the bra.
  • We advise that you fit your bra on the middle hook and eye as our bras do not stretch over time.
  • A fingers gap should be visible on the shoulder straps too, ensuring it’s not too tight or loose.
  • Always check that your bra is wired correctly. It should sit flat across your chest and not dig in.
All underwired Fleur of England bras encase the whole breast which is vital for support and prevents the 'double breast' effect. While we believe specific bra styles benefit certain breast sizes and shapes, there is no right answer. As long as your bra provides the correct support and is comfortable to wear we'd say you are on the right track. Another tip that we like to give is that you have a bra fitting every six months. Your body can change a lot in this time and therefore your bra may become ill-fitting. Due to brands having different size charts, we provide an accurate bra calculator which helps you find the perfect fitting Fleur of England bra. We also have a size converter for all our international customers wishing to purchase too. 


Is under-wiring important?

No, it is personal preference. Under wiring creates a desired shape that many women look for. It brings your breasts further forward, creating a lifted and desirable round shape. Women who have a fuller bust tend to lean towards this feature. Check out our underwired bras here.

Are adjustable straps important?

Yes they are. If you are looking to get the most out of your bra you may want to consider this. Straps that slip off your shoulders don’t give support and can be very annoying to wear. Straps can slip due to the wearer not adjusting the straps to the correct length or because the shape of the shoulder is narrow/sloped. Because of this, Fleur of England created the classic soft cup bra called the “Boudoir Bra”. Its racerback style has adjustable straps on both sides and hugs the back effectively. It’s also a great alternative to underwire bras.

How often should you replace bras?

Due to the nature of our bras being such high quality, they will withstand time and stretch, so it's up to the customer. However, the way that you care for your bra can affect how frequently you replace them. If your weight fluctuates and your bra becomes ill-fitting, we suggest you replace it. Wearing a bra that doesn't fit will become uncomfortable and hard work.

How should they be cared for?

All our lingerie is crafted in either silk, intricate lace or embroidery. Therefore we advise you only hand wash and allow your bra to dry on a flat surface. Through doing this, you maintain the quality and shape of the piece whilst reducing the risk of snagging from another item of clothing. we recommend using The Clothes Doctor silk wash to keep your luxury silk lingerie in the best possible condition.

For further size enquiries contact our expert advisors or visit our Fitting Room where we will be happy to help you find your perfect fit.