A chat with Laura Baker Illustration

In line with our new collection Kindly we sit down with local illustrator Laura Baker to talk about all things business, sustainability, and why it’s so important that women celebrate women.


How did you get into illustration?

My love for illustration blossomed when I studied fashion design at bath Spa University Whilst learning how to technically draw and make garments the design development and illustration stage would always be my favourite and I continued this interest into my free time and developed my own style of drawing and typography over the years.


When did you start your business? 

 I started my Instagram in 2018 predominately doing Private commissions alongside working full time in retail roles.With the start of lockdown, I, like many others had a lot more time to spare and this really gave me the space to explore new ideas, I realised very quickly that this was truly what I wanted to do full time.

Images of illustration by Laura

 How do you find running a female-led business?  

 My brand is extremely female-centered; I like to celebrate femininity in my work by creating Female-led illustrations and Floral feminine themes, when working on collaborations I also try and collaborate with female-run brands to ensure our mission statements align.   


Why do you love illustration? 

I loved being creative from a young age and I am very grateful that I got to continue this through into adult life, growing up on the North Devon coast I have always been filled with inspiration taken from the English coast and countryside around me. I especially enjoy creating private commissions as they are so personal and one of a kind and love receiving feedback and seeing photos of people displaying their pieces in their homes. Illustration also means I Get to incorporate my fashion and design experience- t’s like all of my passions align into one! It sounds cliché but any day I’m drawing is a good day in my books.

pictrures of illustrations

How are you sustainable in business?

 It’s 2022 and it is so important for sustainability to be at the very forefront of our minds. I am very conscious of making my brand sustainable- Using recyclable and plastic-free packaging is one of the ways I am making changes. using local suppliers who use sustainable printing processes whilst always maintaining the highest quality was an important step for me.I Print all my illustrations to order to ensure that I never have any waste. I think we all need to make a change no matter how small to improve our impact.


Why do you love Fleur of England?

 As I’ve spoken about previously, I think it’s so important to support Female-led businesses. I love the way that they showcase diverse women across their platforms and celebrate ‘normal’ women’s bodies.Their efforts to always produce luxury products whilst maintaining strong sustainability values are admirable and I find their mission statement very inspirational.


 Why is it important to you that women support women?

 I think one of the most important things we can do as women is be the biggest cheerleaders of other women, whether this is, family, friends, a stranger on the internet, or a local business. Say well done, share their content, and celebrate their achievements


picture of illustration on a i pad

What is the future of your business?

 I'm excited about the future for my brand although I know it will be no easy task I want to continue to grow my business and work on amazing projects like this one with Fleur of England.

I am currently working on my new website and personal shop which are nearly ready to launch and  would love to get my prints into local Bristol shops that would be a dream! 


 What’s your favourite piece in the kindly collection?  

Without a doubt it would be the balcony bra, I love this style in all of Fleur of England’s bra’s and this one is no exception, It can be difficult finding my cup size sometimes but I applaud Fleur’s efforts to be so size inclusive!