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Welcome to the Fleur of England postcards series. A place where we celebrate women across the world and dedicate a space for them to join us on this journey of self-love, self-confidence, questions we’ve all been asking ourselves and the truly important conversations we should be having. This series is an ode to the women we know, the women we love, the women who inspire us and most importantly, the women who make us all want to be better people. Come along on our newest adventure where you’ll be transported across the globe to explore different cities in luxury and style with some of our favourite inspirational women.


Meet Harlie Briggs 

London-based artist, Harlie Briggs, has gained a loyal following for her abstract paintings that explore nature and celebrate the female body. Follow Harlie around her beloved home city, as she takes us on a journey into the realms of an artist’s daily life.



Harlie Briggs x Fleur of England

At Fleur of England, our core values are giving confidence to women to achieve all they desire. We are here to be a stepping stone in their journey of self-love and empowerment and create a safe space where body image, empowering women and celebrating the female form are at the centre of our brand.Since 2016, painting and drawing nudes has been monumental for Harlie in celebrating the supportive females around her.Her unique creative process involves women participating in her art by sharing their raw and powerful selves – their nudes.

Questions we were excited to ask Harlie:

1. Do you draw your inspiration from other women? Tell us about someone who has inspired you.

All of my inspiration for my nude paintings is drawn from other women around the world. The plethora of shapes, energies and unique body markings are just amazing. As I've got older, I've really come to love and appreciate the different things about bodies - I've actually come to adore my stretchmarks! Getting to speak to different women who partake in my work is so lovely. By sending me photos to be my muses, it involves others in my work and allows me to draw and paint all different body shapes and ethnicities. It is very much like having my own little community and I adore it.

2. What is your favourite thing about living in London?

I am a countryside girl at heart I think... but London is magical! My favourite thing is the feeling of connection and warmth. I work alone, yet I can get to my friends in minutes. I live off of a busy road, yet can get to greenery in 10 minutes and you're never short of something to do. I also love all of the wonderful people you get to meet often! Pre-pandemic speaking I am very much of an extrovert so I love connecting with and meeting new people, especially other creatives that I can have a natter with. :)

3. We know you love the outdoors. Have you got a favourite nature spot in London?

Oh I have a few! Highbury fields is small but holds a special place in my heart as I remember riding my tricycle around there as a little girl. Hamstead Heath is beautiful for a whole day trip out! It really feels like you're out of London sometimes as you walk through the woodland and stroll around the little cobblestone streets in search for a pint. However, my favourite nature spot has to be Epping Forest. The size of it alone ensures that you never have to do the same walk! I used to ride my share horse through the woodland after school so it always gives me that massive sense of calmness and a big fat breath of fresh air away from the city hustle. These spots totally inspire my nature paintings and I cannot wait to get down to the forest this month for the orange Autumn leaves - it is simply stunning!

4. What are your favourite pieces/collections from Fleur of England?

I don't think I have ever felt as comfortable in my own skin in an underwear set in my life (no exaggeration) in the Adore balcony bra and the Adore embroidered brief! It's super difficult for me to get pretty but practical bras and this gave me all of that and more! I don't think you can go wrong with this set. It will make you feel like the true queen that you are xxxx