Lingerie that makes a difference

We put as much thought into the planet as we do our exqusiute designs. 
We know that over the festive period, more orders are made than ever, and here at Fleur of England we are extremely concious on the effect that this may have on the planet. 
It is a part of our core mission to keep improving and bettering our business actions to be more green, and make consious enviromental decisions.
We are proud to be in partnership with Ecologi, we plant a tree for every order you make and we are even growing our own forest, to ensure that we are always giving back to the planet in a positive way.
We have also been awarded the mark of positive luxury which is something we are extemely proud of as a business. Positive luxury awards brands for the efforts and practises to sustainability in their business. 
As a business we have recently introduced digital invoices in all of our orders, saving on average 211 pieces of paper per month.
Our ‘Eco’ option for delivery at checkout now makes up nearly 78% of all our orders. These envelopes are fully recyclable and lightweight, meaning a lot less vehicles and fuel is required to transport them.
In our luxury packaging we exclusively use recycled tissue paper and biodegradable stickers and our stunning gift boxes are made from sustainable materials and are designed with love to be kept and reused. 
All DHL packages are shipped with a GoGreen service to offset carbon emissions, and we are now working with Ecolgi to plant a tree with every single order that you make. 
 One of our business goals this year was to launch our most sustainable collection to date, and we are so incredibly delighted to say that we achieved this. Deilen is the first of Fleur Of England’s new Kindly range, it is a very  carefully curated collection that consists of stunning luxury lingerie but with an environmental focused conscience. The pieces have been crafted using a range of sustainable materials and methods in a factory just 50 miles from our head office in Bristol, and have been meticulously designed to provide the most flattering and comfortable fit.
We know we have a lot of things to learn but we are proud to be making steps to ensure you can shop in confidence this Christmas.