Working with Positive Luxury

During April, we wanted to showcase the amazing work we have put in place with Positive Luxury. Positive Luxury helps organisations/brands accelerate their adaptation to the new climate economy. Our work with Positive Luxury had been broken down into four categories; People, Planet, Product, and Promise. Within these categories, we have put in place processes to aid us on our sustainable journey.
This isn’t just about us here in Fleur of England HQ. It’s about our friends in Portugal who, with their years of specialist expertise, bring Fleur’s designs to life. We pride ourselves in the fact that everything we produce is ethically produced from the family run factory in Portugal who we have worked with for over 16 years. It’s important to us from an Ethical stand point that we support fair wages and ensure a safe and supportive working environment.  
Fleur of England zoom image of seamstress finishing a garment
in order to continuously have a positive impact on the planet we have thoroughly engrained sustainability throughout our processes, from digital invoices, to the biodegradable stickers we use to seal your luxurious lingerie order. Materials used within our packaging are FSC Certified and the tissue paper is recycled. All our shipments are sent using green services where the carbon emissions are offset, our eco-delivery option accounts for 78% of our orders. This option is lightweight and the packaging is fully recyclable meaning fewer vehicles and less fuel is needed to transport them. We have also partnered up with Ecologi, an organisation dedicated to championing climate solutions to positively transform society, who help us plant a tree with every order placed. We are proud to announce that we have over 1000 trees in our Fleur of England Forest and counting.
Fleur of England luxury giftwrapping boxes
We exclusively run small production runs of each collection to ensure there is minimal waste and to stop over production of our garments. By doing this we can ensure that sustainable production is at the heart of everything we do. We do this by using every piece of fabric we can, including offcuts to minimise waste. We also sell through our entire collections so there are no discarded garments. 2022 Saw the launch of our first luxury sustainable collection, Deilen. Amongst the use of degradable & biodegradable certified fabrics, we also produced this collection in a local factory just 63 miles from our head office.  
Fleur of England Deilen Balcony Bra and thong shown on three models
In 2023 our pledge is to use our time to work with charities that surround our values and our community to create a positive impact on our community. Ensure a 100% code of conduct from our suppliers by the end of 2023. Continue to work on our environmentally friendly range, Kindly, and to incorporate this into our seasonal collections. Donate a percentage of net profit of October sales to Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns.
We have the responsibility to make changes and improve our practices where we can to work towards a better and more sustainable future. By partnering with Positive Luxury this has enabled us to streamline our sustainable practices into multiple areas of our business continually making green steps towards positive change.

Positive Luxury Butterfly certified mark