Why Two Briefs are Better Than One

Whether you always opt for a matching set, sometimes mix and match, or wear one without the other, the protocol for buying luxury lingerie has remained the same for as long as most of us care to remember. You’ll generally purchase a bra, your choice of bottom, and potentially a suspender belt or other accessory for when you’re really treating yourself.

We see some fluctuations in buying as some women purchase briefs alone for wear without a bra and, on occasion, we see those who will invest in a luxury lingerie bra for the purpose of outerwear without the rest of the set. But, to further these buying options, we implore those of you who opt for the traditional set combination to consider a new option with decided benefits which some already live by and others may have never imagined- buying a second thong, brief, or bottom of your choice to go alongside that set. Some of the reasons you may be able to guess, but our most convincing reasons to consider this practice are as follows.


When it comes to making your desired luxury pieces last, we always recommend hand washing and drying flat, you can see all of our tips for caring for your intimates here, but it can also be beneficial to wash less often. People will generally wash their briefs far more frequently than their bras as the recommendation for washing bras is every two or three wears while briefs are washed after each individual wear. With this in mind, bras will hold their shape longer, see less damage associated with washing, and age far better than their counterparts. By investing in two briefs you are able to wear them at a rate which fits far better with the wash rate of the bra, meaning that they will not be overwashed and should maintain their quality and exquisite design for far longer.

The Environment

As mentioned above, if you are wearing two briefs with a singular bra instead of one, it can reduce how many times you have to wash garments which has an impact on the environment as less frequent washes require less energy and water being used. As well as wanting your pieces to look perfect for longer, people often will stop wearing a set once the bottoms look less uniform with the bra or begin to break down, which means that there is the potential that more waste than is necessary is ending up in landfill- especially if the bra is still in great condition. By washing less frequently and therefore increasing the lifespan of the products, you are also reducing waste and further improving your impact on the environment and the sustainability of your wardrobe.


When shopping for lingerie, a lot of consideration goes into what styles and shapes you would most like to purchase. Choosing the right bra style for you is one issue we all contend with but choosing between the likes of an embroidered brief, silk thong, or daring ouvert brief as well as the other styles on the market is equally a decision we all have to make. There are great selling points to each option from the sexiness of a thong which also works under tighter or more clingy clothes without being visible, to the comfort of a brief which has more room for the most delightful design features that inspire exquisite confidence. Often a lingerie set can end up being put in a box (and we don’t mean the beautifully crafted one it arrives in), based on the bottom element you choose. Outfit options can be ruled out or daily wear can be less comfortable and often there are choices to be made between aesthetic appeal and practicality. This can be combated though if you opt to buy both. Having options available to you will mean that you have the power to choose and can make the most of your luxury pieces so you won’t have to face the disappointment of a set not being appropriate. A lingerie set that you can wear daily or for an occasion without compromise is far more desirable than a lingerie set you only get to wear a few times per year.


Limited Edition

Sometimes things can go wrong- whether it’s a stain you can't remove, a tear in lace, or something falling into the wrong washing pile, we’ve all had a garment ruined long before its time. This can be especially frustrating in the case of lingerie where you are left with a matching piece which you can no longer wear as the set it was designed to be (especially if the set is no longer available to buy). While it may not always be essential, there is definitely peace of mind that comes with having an additional pair of your favourite beautifully designed briefs so that you know it’s unlikely you’ll have to stop wearing your favourite bra that before its time. We all know someone who buys two of their favourite cashmere jumpers so that they don’t have to worry about the style going out of production, and it’s the same idea. 

Overall, we believe that it is key to focus on slow fashion and it's more positive impact on our environment and work towards this by shopping smarter and getting the most out of the garments we invest in. If we can encourage you to buy a second thong, brief, or other bottom of your choice to prolong the life of one set rather than needing to buy a new set in a year or so, then that would be a small but significant victory. Beautiful lingerie is not made to sit in a box or be worn once, and it is not made to end up as a solo bra which goes forgotten after the briefs are thrown out and we hope that this advice can help to ensure that your luxury pieces serve you to their best ability for years to come.