Why Luxury Lingerie is Worth Every Penny

Here at Fleur of England, craftsmanship is at the heart of every design. Artisanal techniques, opulent materials and close attention to detail sets our lingerie apart. Luxury lingerie is more than the price tag, it is a keepsake to cherish, an heirloom to showcase the care and quality of your bespoke item. One that you can return to time and time again. It evokes quiet confidence when worn. Read on to find out why our lingerie is so special.

Fleur of England red luxury lingerie embroidered boudoir bra placed on a silk blush pyjama shirt

Handcrafted embroideries and sumptuous materials elevate the exquisite nature of luxury lingerie. Here at Fleur of England, we place emphasis on quality, sourcing only the highest quality fabrics and utilising in-house expertise to create the perfect fit. Our designer lingerie has an exceptional lifespan and will stay with you for years to come.

Our delicate French lace, sheer Italian tulle and high-quality silk are all chosen for their unique properties.

  • Sheer Italian tulle melts away into your curves as if it were a second skin. Its fine, transparent appearance draws close attention to the intricacy of our handcrafted embroidery, allowing the bespoke designs to take centre stage.
  • Sumptuous silk is soft to the touch with a lustrous sheen. Mainly used to craft our luxurious nightwear pieces, we choose our silk for its elegant drape, a quality that allows us to create beautifully draped sleeves on our robes and sensual thigh-skimming designs for our babydolls.
  • French lace is pure bespoke beauty. It makes a great foundation for your designer lingerie with its strong structure and delicate, romantic aesthetic.  

Fleur of England luxury lingerie embroidery design details and sketches

 Life for a Fleur of England garment starts here at our studio in Bristol. Fleur’s sketchbook is a blueprint for our intricate embroideries and form-fitting lingerie. All embroideries are designed by Fleur herself, giving each collection a personal touch. Guipure embroidery motifs adorn our lingerie encompassing finesse and modern femininity in every piece.

 Embroidery designs are brought to life by our talented seamstresses in Portugal with precision and flair. Opting for our lingerie made in Portugal with high levels of craftsmanship and worker welfare ensures that not only are you indulging in a timeless piece but one that is ethical. A precious possession you will not only love but can live with comfortably.

Fleur of England red luxury lingerie design of embroidery for bra

 Every bra goes through a rigorous process to ensure we offer customers the perfect fit. Bras are tested and fitted by experts with over 10 years of experience, guaranteeing to give you the support you need and enhancing your natural shape.

Luxury lingerie is a rejection of the fast-paced nature of mass-produced lingerie. It puts emphasis on craftsmanship, quality and respect. Every piece of the design process is carefully considered. It is designed with longevity in mind, a love letter to yourself and the body in which you are proud to call home. Luxury lingerie is transformative, instilling a great sense of pride and poise; It is sexy and strong, delicate yet supportive and above all, empowering. It is by its very nature the essence of being female.