What is Quiet Luxury?

Everyone's talking about it, but what is it?….
For the past few years, maximalism trends such as logo mania have dominated the runway. That’s why we welcome the ‘quiet luxury’ trend with open arms. An appreciation of quality, craftmanship, and fit, with a focus on modern elevated design, is the epitome of this surging trend and we are here for it.
The essence of this pared-back trend can be found throughout Fleur of England's luxurious lingerie.
Fleur of England Luxury lingerie silk srobe shown on model
To say we are devoted to fit is an understatement. Fit as a value is something that drives everyone here at Fleur of England, because we believe with perfectly fitting luxury lingerie you will feel empowered and confident.
Our team, here at Fleur of England HQ, is constantly working and evolving the fit of each garment, ensuring the fit across each size range is perfect and complimentary to one’s figure. This is an integral feature of our luxury lingerie brand and each collection gets fitted on multiple sizes and body types during the production process.   
Fleur of England Luxury lingerie signature white boudoir bra shown on model
Quality/ Craftmanship
Craftmanship is deeply woven into our DNA, from sourcing the finest materials to the skilled technicians that bring Fleurs' vision to life. Each intricate detail is meticulously considered from the initial design to the garment being made, to the care we put into getting your orders to you.
We pride ourselves on each and every detail, using 24-carat gold plated hard wear to finish off each luxurious piece, silk encased straps to give you the softest and most comfortable fit, silk encased buttons to add that touch of elegant luxury, and the softest materials used to provide you with the utmost comfort when wearing one of our elegant pieces.
Fleur of England Mia balcony bra and embroidered brief shown on model
When considering if quiet luxury is for you, consider the modern elegant designs that feature throughout this trend. With a heavy focus on classic timeless shapes, quiet luxury has a sleek allure approach to dressing. Fleur of England is renowned for its classic lingerie silhouettes with contemporary design twists. Every collection is designed by Fleur and the team, taking inspiration from the Beauty of nature's landscapes & romantic evenings around the world.
We are very excited about this trend and hope it’s one that’s here to stay, to inspire elegance and quality in your life. For styling tips & how to care for your luxurious pieces visit this page.