Welcome Autumn with new routines


With the Summer holidays coming to an end and Autumn around the corner, it feels like the perfect time for reflection and change. Tapping back into that back-to-school mindset may feel different for us all this year. However, whether it’s returning to the gym and getting back to a healthy diet or giving your home a good declutter, most of us crave that sense of routine before the bustle of the party season begins. 

So, a September reboot is definitely calling, but be sure to approach gently. Here at Fleur of England, we want to be your friendly reminder to give yourself lots of TLC this month.

Schedule in some 'me-time’.

Remember, we aren't designed to work non-stop, so be sure to mindfully schedule time in your busy schedules to look after yourself. Take a moment to think about what blissful activities make you feel carefree and totally at ease. For us, we believe stepping out of a hot soapy bubble bath and putting on a new set of luxury silk robe can be the perfect cure when feeling the pressure.

Rest in Luxury

No reset routine is complete without ensuring a good night’s sleep. Plenty of rest will ensure you wake up energised and ready for the productive day ahead. Look forward to getting into bed with some new bedding, a binge-worthy TV show, and some silky pyjamas, trust us, catching that beauty sleep will never feel better.

Enjoy lounging in luxury with our silk nightwear that will be the perfect addition to any self-care routine. 


Love, the Fleur Girls.