The Secret behind our Black Lingerie Collection

Let us introduce you to Cosmic. Swirling constellations millions of miles away glistening in peaceful dark skies.

A brand new bespoke embroidery designed by Fleur herself in our Bristol Studio it is inspired by the night skies this collection is seductive, magical and oh so intricate.

Crafted from the softest Sheer Italian tulle with stunning embroidery on every piece, this is Luxury Black Lingerie at it's finest.

We have a chat to Fleur here about the inspiration behind the design and her favourite garments.


All our collections begin with a moodboard, this collection's features dark, atmospheric images of night skies and constellations, bringing to mind end of summer star gazing and the deep mysteries of the cosmos. Cosmic is inspired by star gazing - with all the stars, planets and constellations in harmony in my bespoke embroidery. The sheer Italian tulle mixed with seductive silk satin is out of this world, and as always designed to fit exquisitely and give support to make you look and feel your best.

The Collection

Cosmic sees the return of all our iconic shapes, the Balcony, Strap Balcony, Strapless and Boudoir bra have been updated with this magical embroidery. Such striking embroidery as Cosmic makes this collection one you'll want to show off. The Babydoll has been updated and is crafted from all Sheer Italian Tulle with embroidery adorning the garment on the breasts and across the lower half, this bedroom piece is something a little extra special, designed for nights that are out of this world...

My Favourite Piece

It's so hard to choose just one this season as it's all so close to my heart as with every new embroidery. If I absolutely can only choose one, it has to be the Strapless Boudoir bra. With embroidery adorning the bralette it makes a real statement piece. Wear with a plunging sweater or peeking through a crisp white shirt for a magical underwear-as-outerwear look. There is a Cosmic piece for every breast shape and every style, I hope everyone can feel like a sensual seductress in Cosmic.

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