Its all in the details - Silk edition

Why we love silk

Here at Fleur of England, craftsmanship is at the heart of every design. Artisanal techniques, opulent materials and close attention to detail sets our lingerie and nightwear apart. Timelessly classic and effortlessly chic, our silk pieces redefine luxury nightwear and lingerie. Not only does silk look and feel exquisite but sleeping and wearing silk also has proven benefits.

 Fleur of England luxury silk nightwear

How silk makes us feel

Every piece of the design process is carefully considered. It is designed with longevity in mind, a love letter to yourself, and to your body. Luxury silk lingerie and nightwear is transformative, instilling a great sense of pride and poise; It is delicate yet supportive and above all, empowering. It is by its very nature the essence of being female.


Iris boudior bra back on model

The benefits

Silk boasts so many benefits and most importantly, it is great for your skin. The tightly woven fibers of silk helps to keep moisture close to the skin and help keep your body more hydrated than if you were wearing cotton pyjamas.

 This also applies to your face, if you sleep in an eye mask and suffer with dry skin then try swapping your eye mask out for our black silk eye mask, this should help to hydrate and plump the appearance of you skin. 

With breathability in its nature, silk is known to regulate your body temperature when you sleep, for example if you were to suffer from hot flushes, then our luxury silk nightwear should make you much more comfortable for a better nights sleep.

Fleur of England silk robes


Wrap yourself, or a loved one in total luxury and say it with silk. 


The Fleur girls x