Quintessentially British Design

2023 Marks the year King Charles III will be officially crowned King. During this truly patriotic moment, we thought it was only right for us to take this moment in British history to celebrate what makes Fleur of England quintessentially British. From the elastics we use in our luxurious lingerie pieces, to the fitting of the garments, to Fleur’s bespoke hand-drawn embroideries, we are celebrating all things British design.
 Fleur of England CEO Fleur designing luxury lingerie collection
The Design & Fit
Fleur has exclusively designed all of our collections, with the help of our amazing team, here in our Bristol studio. Our expert team fit all the garments on our team here in the Studio, which means we are able to fit on many different sizes and figures.  Fleur is regularly inspired by the UK in all of its rich beauty, past collections have been inspired by the Somerset countryside and the stunning natural beauty of Fleur’s surroundings. We adore the emotional connection to nature which has always remained a common theme throughout Fleur’s exquisite designs.
The Emblem that has been created by Sir Jony Ive is another reflection of how the Beauty of the British country side has inspired British Design. The emblem that has been created for King Charles coronation has been created with the flora of the four nations of the United Kingdom: the rose for England, the thistle for Scotland, the daffodil for Wales, and the shamrock for Northern Ireland.
Fleur of England Luxury Lingerie collection Deieln being made in UK factory
Made In The UK
Since Fleur founded Fleur of England, in 2001, we have worked with the same local factory that makes our beautiful luxurious elastics. 
A Fleur of England achievement in recent years is that we have been able to produce one of our luxurious lingerie collections in a local factory just 33 miles from our office. Situated in Wales, the factory produced Deilen, our most sustainable collection to date. Being able to visit the factory meant that our production team was able to work alongside the skilled seamstresses when creating this designer lingerie collection. Explore more about Deilen here.
Like Deilen and our elastics, our fully fashioned stockings are exclusively manufactured here in England, using the same traditional techniques that were used in the 1960s. They are made using circular knitting machines, which are hand threaded by skilled machinists. The current owners are the grandchildren of the factory owner, carrying on a family tradition. Explore our range of fully fashioned back-seamed stockings here.
We are truly proud of all of the British elements that contribute to making Fleur of England so exquisite.Fleur of England Royal emblem for the coronoation 2023