Our Sustainability Endeavours

Here at fleur of England we believe that as beautiful as our lingerie is, so are the earths resources, and therefore we have a huge responsibility to ensure we make changes and constantly improve our practises to ensure we are working towards a sustainable future for luxury fashion. 


The steps we have made:

Although our journey at Fleur of England to creating conscious luxury is just getting started, we have been inspired to learn every day and constantly challenge ourselves to do better. We hope to create a beautiful brand that champions slow fashion and keeps sustainable practises at its very heart.



When it comes to the planet, we’ve put as much thought into our packaging as we have done our product, and we are proud of the steps that we have made. Every detail matters to us and pairing both luxury and sustainability is a passion of ours we work very hard to achieve. At checkout our ‘eco’ delivery option now makes up 78% of all of our orders. We use recycled tissue paper and biodegradable stickers, as well as our delivery envelopes being fully recyclable and lightweight. Our beautiful gift boxes are made sustainably and have been designed to be reused. Everything right down to our swing tags have been thought of as we truly realise even the smallest of changes begin to make the biggest impact.


People are at the very heart of everything we do at Fleur of England and we are so proud to have been working with the same family run factory in Portugal for over 16 years, ensuring that the workers have a safe and supportive working environment and that all our workers are provided with fair wages. We advocate for ethical manufacturing and environment.  At the very heart of our values is the importance to work with people who strongly share these beliefs.


With a lot of progress made, we know there is still a lot to go. We are so excited that this year has seen the launch of our first sustainable collection, which, has been a huge in-house passion project and we are so proud of the results.

Being awarded the Positive Luxury mark was a vey proud moment for us as a brand and was a true testament to our commitments towards working more sustainably and doing what we can to help the environment by making green choices.


We promise to do our utmost to craft luxury garments whilst committing to our endeavours to make positive change and contribute to a greener footprint for our environment.

We are delighted to have you join us on this journey and pride ourselves on our open and transparent relationship with our community.


The Fleur Girls x