Our Ethical Ethos

Sustainability is the latest buzzword on everybody’s lips. From opting for reusable coffee cups to investing in ethical products, we are all doing our part to minimise our environmental footprint. Here at Fleur of England, we are aware of the flawed nature of the clothing industry and its effort to improve its environmental impact.

We are a small business which has embarked on a journey to make one big green step forward, creating flawless designs with kindness to the planet and people in mind. Luxury lingerie to fit your figure and your values.

We are by no means perfect; we pride ourselves on creating designer lingerie which embodies the essence of slow fashion, designing lingerie to be cherished for years to come. We want to share with you the steps we have taken to introduce sustainable practices within our design process and our commitment to further improve our environmental footprint.



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Packaging Which Doesn’t Cost the Earth

We have given our packaging a green makeover, phasing out our old packaging and introducing our new mindful offering which co-insides with our brand refresh. In fourteen months we have:

  • Introduced digital invoices (saving on average 211 pieces of paper per month).
  • New ‘Go Green’ option for delivery.
  • Recycled tissue paper and biodegradable stickers.
  • Gift boxes made from sustainable materials. Designed to be an item to cherish.
  • FSC certified materials used within the packaging.
  • Swing tickets include recyclable card and ribbon made from recycled polyester.
  • Envelopes are fully recyclable and lightweight.
  • Removal of plastic bags, saving on average 211 plastic bags every month.



Fleur of England positive luxury sustainable lingerie black embroidery silk lace

Luxury Lingerie Designed to Last

We make our lingerie to last and to be cherished; they are the height of luxury and not meant to be thrown away unlike their fast fashion counterparts.

Fleur’s designs are brought to life by our talented seamstresses in Portugal with precision and care. Opting for our lingerie made in Portugal with high levels of craftsmanship and worker welfare ensures that not only are you indulging in a timeless piece but one that is ethical.

We work in close contact with our independent manufacturer in Portugal. We visit our factory annually ensuring that the factory meets our code of conduct and meets our sustainability criteria. Our elastics are sourced from Malmesbury and our lace and embroidery are sourced and made in France and Italy. We source our materials in Europe to minimise freight and keep track of our suppliers.


Positive Luxury: The Mark of Approval

We have been awarded the Butterfly Mark by Positive Luxury for our commitment to sustainability.

Positive Luxury is the stamp of approval, recognising the positive actions we have undertaken to improve our impact on the planet. The Butterfly mark is a symbol of integrity and quality which conscious shoppers recognise. Our Positive Luxury status is reviewed every two years, ensuring we are held accountable and always improving on internal processes.


Fleur of England positive luxury design sustainable local sketches detail embroidery

Looking Ahead

Our lingerie is precious but so are the earth’s resources. We still have a long way to go until but we are pulling our stockings up to review, improve and do better. Many brands spin yarns to hide the dirty truth behind their designs, we want to be open and transparent. We’ve focused on four main areas to improve on:

Carbon Footprint: We will explore solutions to offset and reduce our carbon emissions throughout production. We are progressively working towards minimising waste internally and throughout our production process.

Mindful Sourcing: Working with nature, not against it. We will review our entire supply chain to ensure the thread of sustainability runs through, from fabric selection to worker welfare. We want to design lingerie which you will not only love but can live with comfortably.

Smart Design: Each garment is designed to be cherished for years to come. We are committed to exploring avenues to extend the lifespan of our luxury lingerie and the end-of-life of our garments. We want to get smarter with how we design, producing to only meet the demand of our customers and introduce circularity.

Philanthropy: Collaborating with charities in the future to give back to our community and contribute to the health of our eco-systems.


Fleur of England luxury lingerie sets deep red embroidery floral details silk and lace

Our luxury lingerie is a rejection from the fast-paced nature of mass-produced underwear. It puts emphasis on the method of slow fashion, prioritising craftsmanship, quality and respect to the people and the planet. Our luxury undergarments are designed with longevity in mind.

Fleur of England is ever-evolving and we will always do our utmost to provide luxury garments whilst keeping in mind our environmental impact. Our philosophy still remains the same; if it isn't exquisite it won't leave the door…

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