Keeping the Romance Alive

For now at least, staying home is the new norm and for many of us this means spending 24 hours a day with our other half. This should alleviate some of the pressure to spend quality time together, but how do you make sure the time you're spending together is just that?

Now that our dining room tables have become our restaurants and sofas our cinemas, we think it's more important than ever to plan to spend some quality time together, whether that's getting changed into your favourite dress after working from home in your sweatpants, or laying the table with your best crockery and lighting some candles.

Here's a few of the Fleur girls favourite date night ideas for when another Netflix marathon simply won't do. 

Enjoy a virtual wine tasting. 

Private members club 67 Pall Mall is inviting the public to join them in a range of online wine tasting sessions. Taking place on Zoom every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the expert led sessions guide viewers through some of the best wine-making regions in the world. sessions will be led by experts guiding viewers through some of the best wine-making regions of the world. 

Visit Zoom

 Take an art class together. 

Why not brush up on your drawing skills together with a virtual art class hosted by the Royal Academy? Available for free on their website, the class starts with a few quick poses before moving onto some longer poses and all you need to take part is a pencil and some paper.  


Cook a three-course meal. 

Lay the table with your favourite crockery and spend time in the kitchen cooking together. For recipe ideas on how to use up your tinned food, we love Tin Can Magic by Jessica Elliott Dennison - delicious, simple recipes based on ingredients most of us will already have in our cupboards. 

Because getting dressed up is half the fun... 


Keep safe.