Investing in Exquisite Confidence

Exquisite confidence comes within. The kind of confidence that adds a spring to your step and a smile to your face, even on the greyest days. Everyone deserves to feel amazing and here at Fleur Of England it is at the forefront of our design and ethos. We hope that with underpinnings of pure opulence you can feel exquisitely confident, the best version of yourself, ready to face challenges and take on the world.

Luxury Lingerie doesn’t just look gorgeous on your body, it stands out in your lingerie drawer, it feels soft and smooth on your skin and moulds to your body to give you support and enhance your shape. Stepping into a set of luxury lingerie sets you up for the day, knowing that underneath everything you have on your favourite matching lingerie gives you a feeling of empowerment and poise.

Fleur Of England Lingerie

Our bespoke designs all begin life in-house, hand-drawn by Fleur herself so every embroidery has the Fleur Touch. Designs this bespoke and intricate deserve the most luxurious materials, so every part of the garment is considered and chosen by Fleur. Delicate lace from France meets Sheer Italian Tulle and the softest most luxurious silks.  

Treating yourself or a loved one to a set of luxury lingerie is not just the gift of beautiful underwear, but the gift of loving your body, your skin and yourself. The way that silk feels on your skin is second to none, holding you just right without digging in, so soft it feels like a second skin. Silk nightwear is the most luxurious of all nightwear, proven as good for your skin, sleeping in silk is opulence at it’s very highest, you’ll be wanting to wear it for more than just dreaming.

Fleur Of England Pyjamas

There’s something about a suspender belt with stockings that adds a feel of complete sophistication to every outfit. Our Fully Fashion Stockings are made in the UK by the most experienced of seamstresses to compliment your lingerie and outerwear. Just add a suspender belt crafted from soft silk and your choice of hand-drawn embroidery or delicate lace to complete the look.

Every Fleur of England bra has been rigorously tested, trialled and fitted to make sure we can offer our customers the perfect fit. We are dedicated to giving you that –I-Never-Want-To-Take-This-Off feeling, our underwiring is completely unique and has taken 10 years to perfect, holding you perfectly in place. You’re not just investing in a piece of lingerie, you’re investing in the perfect fit, that will show your figure at its absolute best and celebrate your natural beauty.

Fleur Of England Bordeaux luxury Burgundy lingerie

Luxury lingerie is an investment for years, with the right care and love our garments should last you 2-3 years. At Fleur of England we are not advocates of fast-fashion, materials of high quality and designs that take time to perfect are worth every penny.