Introducing Sigrid- Behind the design.


Introducing Sigrid, A powerful yet romantic collection Inspired by hot pools of water in Iceland and the patterns the silica deposits make. Sigrid is a dynamic collection that draws from the romantically delicate balance of nature.


The design

The collection was inspired by the mystical allure of Scandinavia and was born from Fleur’s wanderlust to travel the Nordic neverlands during the pandemic.

The unique embroidery was inspired by air and mineral water and is an ode to the peace and serenity of the Scandinavian elements.


Updated styles

Sigrid lives up to its namesake meaning victory, wisdom, and beauty. Sigrid adorns the body with elegance and sensuality whilst the intricate embroidery, hand-designed by fleur is paired with delicate tulle showcasing meticulous attention to detail. Comfort and sensuality are one of the same with this romantic design, which features a new non-wired bralette style for fleur of England.



Fleur girl’s favourite

Our favourite piece from the Sigrid collection is the Sigrid balcony bra, featuring delicate hand drawn embroidery designed by Fleur, on the most famous Fleur of England style. The intricate embroidery has been thoughtfully placed onto luxurious Italian tulle in an exquisite combination and the soft silk straps are adorned with 24k gold plated hardware.