Introducing Marlena | Behind the Design

Introducing Marlena, a timeless and romantic collection beautifully crafted from Italian tulle, bespoke guipure embroidery, and the softest imaginable silk. Inspired by the beauty and power of the aerial performer, this collection features some of our most loved styles and silhouettes but updates them with the addition of new empowering features. Be enthralled by Marlena’s symbolic strength and undeniable allure.


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The Design

Inspired by Fleur’s fascination with aerial performers and acrobats, the bespoke hand-drawn embroidery featured on Marlena aims to capture their silent power and strength and, through this collection, Fleur aims to inspire these same feelings in the wearer. Created for the 20th anniversary of the brand, this collection comes from Fleur’s heart and is an ode to the nostalgic and childlike wonder ignited by aerial performances.

The acrobats truly take centre stage in this collection as bespoke embroidery is placed expertly on sheer Italian tulle and framed by the delightfully delicate structure of silk. The sense of conceal and reveal that you get from these pieces is daring and sultry as much as the champagne tones and luxurious cuts are iconically opulent.

Crafted expertly and sustainably with commitment to quality fit and finish, Marlena is destined to be a Fleur of England icon, finished with 24 carat gold plated hardware for additional splendour sure to stand the test of time.

Updated Styles

While Marlena demonstrates some of the most iconic design features of previous Fleur of England collections, elevating them to new heights of luxury in champagne tones, there are new features which add to the appeal of this sophisticated and alluring collection. The Strap Balcony Bra, which previously featured a standard ring holding the straps in a racerback form, now features a clasp which makes for greater versatility, allowing the wearer to wear in a racerback style, or unclasped. This also makes the garment much easier to put on, a style note we have improved and can’t wait to share with our customers. The new bespoke embroidery showcases hand drawn aerial performers placed together to achieve complex and intoxicatingly detailed designs, sure to draw the eye and entice the onlooker.

Marlena has been designed timelessly, incorporating pieces that can be mixed and matched and styled easily, especially with the flattering tones of the collection which will work on any skin tone. We have kept the core details that are most loved in all of our embroidered collections and have compromised nowhere on quality.

Fleur Girl's Favourite Piece

The silhouette of Marlena’s bespoke, hand-drawn embroidery is best showcased on the back of the Silk Robe. This piece is an essential for any luxury lingerie lover and combines our soft silk, draped to perfection, with a hand-finished window to the rear of the piece which elevates this robe beyond the realms of other nightwear. Whether you wear this piece combined with the silk slip for unparalleled comfort, over lingerie for a complete and enthralling lingerie outfit, or alone as a luxurious essential- we guarantee that slipping into the soft caress of the Marlena Silk Robe will inspire sensations of self-indulgence that you are unlikely to match. With it’s simple sizing and draped fit this piece also works excellently as a gift.



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