Our first Eco conscious luxury lingerie collection "Deilen"

Introducing Deilen, the first collection in our new Kindly range. Deilen is a passion project for Fleur of England that has been in development for years. The new Kindly collection includes pieces designed to be kind to both yourself and the planet through the use of eco-friendly materials and sustainable production methods.

While Deilen focuses on sustainability, it does not compromise on luxury and design. Crafted from a stunning lace with a leaf motif, the collection represents Fleur of England's trademark exquisite craftsmanship and perfect fit.


A note on sustainability

Producing sustainable lingerie is no easy task due to the many components involved, but our production team here at Fleur of England has worked incredibly hard to produce our most eco-friendly collection yet. We have worked closely with suppliers in Europe that we have carefully selected based on their ethical and environmental certifications. By working with these manufacturers, we are encouraging research and innovation to develop more sustainable production methods that can be used throughout the textile industry to create positive change without compromising Fleur of England's renowned luxurious craftsmanship.


The Design

The lace for this environmentally conscious collection was chosen for its bold design and eco-friendly properties. It is made from a combination of certified biodegradable and degradable yarns that feel soft on the body and fit like a second skin. The contemporary pattern features a subtle leaf design that symbolises the collection's connection to nature and reflects the curves of the female form. It encompasses the overal feel of the Kindly range which is designed to be both kind to the wearer and the planet.

Each component of this collection has been selected for its environmental benefits. The pieces also consist of a number of environmentally friendly components including recycled elastics and deadstock materials that would have otherwise been sent to landfill.

The collection is also manufactured by a local factory just 33 miles from our head office in Bristol, which will help lower our carbon footprint. There will be only two talented machinists working on the collection, as it will be produced in small quantities and available for pre-order to avoid overproduction and waste.

We are very proud to launch this collection. It was no easy task to combine sustainability efforts while not losing sight of our promise of luxury and craftsmanship, but it has been incredibly rewarding and we feel that each piece tells its own narrative.