In Conversation: Faye Whitley talking all things Earth Day 2024

This earth day we are celebrating the joining of two brands coming together for an open & frank conversation about sustainability & the practices that can easily be weaved into business to make for a greener future.
As a luxury lingerie brand, we are constantly evaluating our impact on the environment, in doing so we love to catch up with other like-minded business owners like Faye Whitley, founder of Beevive. Beevive was set up to not only save the bees but to educate and start conversation around the environment and our impact on the future.
During earth day we always love to take this opportunity to shine a light on all the great things we are accomplishing as a business. Highlighting the launch of our European lingerie collection, Daisy, this collection is a testament to conscious design without compromising the luxurious element of our luxury lingerie. Daisy features recycled soft tulle throughout, this has decreased the use of creating new fabric and therefore re-using old fabric that would otherwise be thrown away.
Why Faye Whitley? Faye has had an impressive career before starting Beevive, working in the fashion industry across many roles, which later aided her in starting her own business.