International womens month


Throughout the month of March, we will be celebrating the women who make Fleur of England flourish. We’re showcasing a series of conversations we had with the inspiring women we work with to share with you their expertise, and what it means to be a part of a global sister hood who all work together towards the same goal - To uplift and empower women.

We thought there’s no better place to start than with our CEO, Fleur. Fleur oversees every aspect of the business, from designing each intricate garment to ensuring the business runs smoothly. Fleur has created a community of women who all share the same values. We sat down with Fleur to talk about why International Women’s month means so much to her.

What does international women’s month mean to you?

It is so important to support women and highlight them, lifting them up, giving them a platform to be very much a part of the conversation, international women’s day does this but it is important to understand we live in a very free country, and in other countries women's voices are not heard. International women’s day is a highlight but there is work to be done every day for equality, both in the work place and at home.

How do you think the lingerie you create helps women flourish?

For me Flourishing is about confidence and how you show up every day to meet your vision and goals on how you want to live your life. How I convey myself to world in terms of clothes, make up and lingerie is all part of giving me confidence to say this is me, I am here, showing up, living my life with passion and freedom. Bras and knickers are always the underpinnings of any outfit for
me. I truly believe that the right fitting bra and knickers make you feel special and confident, you are ready to take anything on!

What makes you proud of the women you work with?

My team are everything. I am incredibly proud of them all and how they work with passion and skill to create beautifully fitting Lingerie. It’s such a pleasure to watch women grow and Flourish in the work place. There have been so many challenges with the pandemic, Brexit and now inflation and the energy crisis, however, this has made us an incredibly resilient team. There only 7 of us but we care deeply about our work and making other women feel beautiful.

What do you love about working with a team of women?

Sisterhood it is so important, if somebody is celebrating, we all celebrate and if somebody is having a bad day, we lift them up. I love the creativity, brainstorming and femininity of the studio. My Father recently passed away which was incredibly hard and sad but this team of women have supported me more than I could have ever asked for.

What empowers you as a woman in business?

Other women's success and how they achieved it. Failure is a big part of success and hearing other women's business stories is empowering. I love listening to Holly Tuckers 'conversations of inspirations' podcasts.

We will be back next week to bring you the next instalment of The Women who make Fleur of England Flourish series, talking to our much-loved stockists.