What is Conscious Fashion?

Sustainable or conscious fashion have have been buzzwords for quite some time now, with a growing awareness surrounding the impact the fashion industry has on our environment. But navigating the world of conscious fashion can feel confusing, with different terminology often being used to describe similar thingsAt Fleur of England we believe in what we call a slow-fashion mindset - designing classic and contemporary pieces that will stand the test of time and choosing high-quality fabrics to produce our lingerie and nightwear in small batches to ensure a longer lifecycle with minimal waste. 

Over the last year our whole team have been involved in revisiting our sustainability values, with the idea of how to become a more conscious consumer being the main takeaway of the project. So we would like to share some helpful tips with you for ways in which you can become a more conscious shopper. 

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So what is conscious fashion?

For us, conscious fashion is an awareness of your consumer habits, it's a step back from the impulsive nature of fast fashion and choosing to learn the impact and story of your clothes. It's an awareness of how the garment was made and the people involved in that process. It's a transparency and authenticity that challenges the trends and chooses instead to focus on trend-resistant investment pieces designed to last -  a confidence to express yourself through your clothes, choosing your own style and picking pieces that reflect that as oppose to changing your wardrobe each season to match whichever trend is popular at the time.  

If you're hoping to take the steps towards a healthier wardrobe this year, here are some top tips for easy ways to start. 


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Buy less and buy better. 

Choose pieces you'll still love in years to come, pieces that celebrate your own style and that fit you beautifully. Look for quality fabrics and choose colours that you love to wear. 

Learn how to really care for your garments. 

Learning how to care for your clothes can make the difference between it falling apart in the wash or still looking brand new after being worn on repeat for a month. If you'd like to learn more about caring for our luxury lingerie you can watch our helpful video guide here. 

Research before you shop. 

A lot of brands are very transparent about where their products are made so if this is important to you, do a little bit of research before you buy then choose a brand that most aligns with your values. That way you'll not only love your new garment, but you'll also love it's backstory and feel confident in the knowledge that you are wearing something from a brand you trust and believe in. If you'd like to learn more about Fleur of England's journey to becoming a sustainable brand you can read more here. 

So whether you decide to buy vintage over new, choose a recycled or deadstock fabric over the latest fast fashion print, or simply choose to invest in quality over quantity, every little step you take towards a healthier wardrobe (or lingerie drawer) is a step in the right direction if you want to buy better. 

The Fleur Girls x