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Meet Our Stockists: Lisa, Sheer Lingerie
In celebration of Sheer Lingerie's new boutique opening in Hong Kong, we had the pleasure of catching up with Lisa, founder of Sheer Lingerie, to speak about her vision for the new boutique.    What’s your vision behind Sheer?  I created...
Ultimate Guide to Gifting Luxury Lingerie This Christmas
In this seasonal gifting edit we are spotlighting a few of our most-loved, best-selling lingerie pieces that encapsulate the true essence of Fleur of England. These luxury lingerie pieces have been designed to evoke romance and confidence in every wear. Our...
Buy Women Built
We are delighted to announce that we have joined the Buy Women Built community!  'By shining a light on women-built brands our movement brings choice to consumers who want to empower and support women, while inspiring future female entrepreneurs that...
In support of Prevent Breast Cancer
As a team of women, we are advocates for all of the research & education that surrounds breast cancer, that’s why this October we are supporting a charity that is doing just that! Prevent Breast Cancer, is a Manchester-based charity that’s...
Introducing Kyra: Behind the design
Kyra’s sensual nature draws influence from the rich tones of a lava field, combined with the magical organic forms of a woodland fern.   Eliciting elegance and luxury, Kyra is defined by its bespoke, intricate embroidery design inspired by magical...
How do I know If my bra is fitting correctly?
We all know how hard it is to find a good fitting bra, but it doesn’t have to be. Here at Fleur of England we pride ourselves on our expertise and knowledge of the female form and the fit of...
Introducing Gisele: Behind the design
Gisele is intense, and enchanting manifested through its rich red tones taking inspiration from molten lava and rock minerals.   Gisele is for the bold. A lingerie connoisseurs heaven, designed to celebrate and empower women every time they step into...
Introducing Ingrid: Behind the design
Ingrid, meaning loved or beautiful, elicits pure luxury through its confident and captivating colour, inspired by the rolling hills of Nordic dreams.
A tree planted for every order you place
We have partnered with Ecologi, to plant a tree for every order you place.
What is Quiet Luxury?
Everyone's talking about it, but what is it?…. For the past few years, maximalism trends such as logo mania have dominated the runway. That’s why we welcome the ‘quiet luxury’ trend with open arms. An appreciation of quality, craftmanship, and...
Quintessentially British Design
2023 Marks the year King Charles III will be officially crowned King. During this truly patriotic moment we thought it was only right for us to take this moment in British history to celebrate what makes Fleur of England quintessentially British.
Sustainable Luxury Lingerie
Here at Fleur of England sustainability is weaved deeply throughout everything we do. With Earth Day approaching, we thought this was a great opportunity to highlight our sustainable endeavours when creating designer lingerie.
Working with Positive Luxury
During April, we wanted to showcase the amazing work we have put in place with Positive Luxury. Positive Luxury helps organisations/brands accelerate their adaptation to the new climate economy. Our work with Positive Luxury had been broken down into four...
An evening with Soho House cities without houses
Thursday evening, we attended the Soho House 'cities without houses' event. These events see members, local business owners, and creatives mingle. We had the pleasure of collaborating with Soho House and provided Fleur of England gifts for complimentary goodie bags on...
Introducing Mia- Behind the Design
An ode to artists working in the golden hour, Mia exudes beautiful and elegant confidence. The bespoke hand embroidery designed by Fleur features sensual brush strokes in a modern impressionist pattern
Underwear as Outerwear, Lingerie worn to be seen
If there was ever a time to wear your luxury underwear as outerwear it's now. From the classic Balcony Bra to the daring, opulent Strap Balcony bra to the cheeky Ouvert Brief, these high-end lingerie pieces are the ultimate foundation...
Introducing Sienna- Behind the design
Inspired by beautiful, balmy Mediterranean evenings, Sienna is an elegant collection that draws inspiration from romantic evenings as the sunsets and the air becomes balmy and soft.
The ultimate Valentines gift guide
If there was ever a time to wear pink, it's now... With the launch of 2 new stunning collections from our SS23 range in hues of gorgeous pink.  With Valentine's day drawing ever closer, what better time to show your love than by indulging...
Introducing Maple- Behind the design
Immediately eliciting playfulness and fun, just like Fleur’s long-lashed pup, Maple is an exciting addition to the SS23 range. 
New year, new lingerie
New year, new me they say. Here at Fleur of England we don’t think it needs to be a new you!
Introducing Audrey: Behind the design
Designed to empower and flatter, Audrey takes inspiration from the charming lily flower and its intoxicating elegance. 



MAR 08, 2023

This international women’s day we are celebrating our global sisterhood of women who all work towards a shared goal, empowering and uplifting women.



MAR 01, 2023

Throughout the month of March, we will be celebrating the women who make Fleur of England flourish. We thought there’s no better place to start than with our CEO, Fleur.